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Top 5 Reggae Artists Of All Time - Greatest Reggae Artists Ever.

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Putting together the top 5 list for anything is already hard enough, albeit for reggae artists of all time and its sure to create some controversy for sure. So here's the list.

1. Bob Marley.

Bob marley

The one and only Bob Marley still commands respect around the world when you talk reggae. Sadly, he left us too early at the age of 36 but his music as long lived on. Bob Marley’s music is truly timeless and every time you listen to one of his songs you can hear something completely new that you didn’t hear the first time. Further to this, Bob’s music was conscious and reflected many of the social issues of the times. 

2. Greogory Isaacs.

Gregory Isaacs

Gregory is often credited with producing the first lovers rock record ever made and has been a strong influence to many a reggae artist today.  Night Nurse on the self titled album Night Nurse was Gregory’s timeless hit and definitely reserves a place in the most recognizable reggae songs of all time. After all, everyone knows the lyrics to Night Nurse, right?
Gregory Isaacs produced more than 500 albums over his 40 year career and earned a few Grammy Nominations in his later years as well, despite the fact that drugs played such a serious impact on his life, his voice and his career.

3. Peter Tosh.

Peter Tosh

Peter Tosh is often described as the most critical member of Bob marley's band because he was a self-taught guitarist and keyboardist, and was an inspiration for the other band members to learn to play – including Mr. Bob Marley himself.

4. Beres Hammond.

Beres Hammond

If you love reggae music then you simply have to love Beres Hammond and the ladies certainly do.  Beres’ music reaches an international audience of reggae fans, so if you want to do a little grinding tonight, play some Beres Hammond and get your groove on.

5. Garnett Silk.

Garnett Silk
Garnett Silk was no different. Clearly a gifted reggae artists, with a voice that still draws curiosity today, his music feels like it’s stuck in a treasure chest.

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